Amazon Snags Office 365 Vet as EC2 GM

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If a LinkedIn profile serves as any indication, Amazon Web Services just gained a new key employee to run the company’s EC2 cloud service. The matter was initially reported on through a story from

Former Microsoft employee Tom Rizzo, notable for being a key player with Office 365 (serving as Senior Director) had been with his former company for over fifteen years. Rizzo initially joined the popular Windows-maker in 1996 as the company’s Group Product Manager for Microsoft Exchange server, a spot he left in 2001. From there, Rizzo served in other positions where he had roles with SQL Server and SharePoint before finally landing his most recent spot with his past employer, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“Tom Rizzo brought a considerable amount of energy and passion to the teams he’s been a part of during his seventeen year career at Microsoft.  We wish Tom the very best in his future endeavors and thank him for the contributions he’s made to our business,” commented a representative for Microsoft in Geekwire’s report.

Amazon’s EC2 cloud service recently made news headlines as it was temporarily brought down by a cable fault at the company’s Virginia data center. EC2 allows developers to resize compute capacity via the company’s cloud platform.


2 Responses to “Amazon Snags Office 365 Vet as EC2 GM”

  1. Tom Rizzo Fan Club

    Jun 21. 2012

    Tom Rizzo rocks! He was the guy that built Office 365 and now that he’s gone, who knows what the h3ll will happen to it!

  2. Tim

    Jul 03. 2012

    MS will be just fine thank you very much. Tom and his team really didn’t add much to Office 365 – he just lead a marketing org which clearly did not have anything to do with building the product. They just talked about it The real team is still cranking out the best productivity tools there is. So good for Tom but don’t worry about O365.

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