​Fitbit tracker hacked in 10 seconds

When Axelle Apvrille presented her Fitbit hack at the Hacktivity Conference in Budapest earlier this month, she was amused that several audience members were sporting the fitness trackers during her talk.

The Fortinet security researcher demonstrated how, within a matter of just 10 seconds, a Fitbit could be infected with malware that could then be passed on to the wearer’s computer. The hack takes advantage of the wearable’s open Bluetooth connection.

Apvrille first showed that she could reverse engineer the band’s protocol to manipulate data, bumping up the number of tracked steps or distance covered. From there she (ahem) stepped it up by demonstrating that she could send a payload over Bluetooth to the wireless tracker, which would then transmit that payload to a computer when syncing the day’s activities…

Source: ​Fitbit tracker hacked in 10 seconds