1 Million Apple IDs Leaked from FBI: Government Overstepping?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – A supposed attack carried out by AntiSec-based hacking group Anonymous on an FBI laptop could shed light on just how closely the U.S. government is keeping tabs on citizens. According to a report from PCMag.com, Anonymous has claimed responsibility for leaking 1 million Apple IDs.

The security breach could prove momentous as the data also apparently contained addresses, phone numbers, and users’ full names, according to a Twitter post from CSIS Security Group specialist Peter Cruse.

The leaked information came from popular Apple devices including the iPhone and iPad.

What’s even more interesting is that the IDs were contained on a government-issued computer system, controversially at issue with common privacy rights concerns. “The question is not whether it’s accurate, it is why did the feds have the information and why did they not take due care to secure it,” said security expert Eric Hemmendinger of Tata Communications in a news story from AFP. Meanwhile, the FBI refused to comment on the matter in the AFP’s report.

While data pertaining to just over 1 million users was leaked, things could have proven far more embarrassing. The total breached information accounted for more than 12 million iOS-based devices, according to ZDNet.

Discussing the matter via Pastebin, the hackers said they succeeded in the task via a vulnerability in Java referred to as “AtomicReferenceArray.”

Last year, Apple itself weathered criticism over the idea that its iPhone tracked user locations. However, the Cupertino, California-based company strongly defended itself on that issue. The latest hack could, however, lay the heat solely on U.S. government officials.