10 Call Center Resolutions for 2011

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – With the economy showing promising signs of recovery, contact center managers need to figure out how to take advantage of the opportunities without over-extending themselves. Fortunately, the growth of technology providers offering “Software as a Service” gives managers new tools to increase their capabilities while still preserving their cash flow and insulating the business from economic swings.

VirtualLogger is the leading provider of recording, quality monitoring and related services using a SaaS model. Using VirtualLogger as your call recording and quality monitoring provider, here are ten resolutions your call center can keep in 2011:    

1.    Upgrade your quality monitoring program. Whether or not you have a recording system for quality monitoring, most contact centers would like to add to their existing capabilities. Whether it’s web-integration, instant call retrieval, screen capture, integrated scoring, or other capabilities, a better QA system can improve your ability to track and improve agent performance. One of the most powerful aspects of the VirtualLogger SaaS model is the ability to add functionality, such as screen capture, without actually replacing the existing recording system.

2.    Empower your agents. One of the best ways to enhance your quality monitoring is to give your agents access to their own calls. This can be as controlled as you like, from giving them access only to calls they’re scored on, to allowing them access to any call they make. They can even score their own calls as a training tool. VirtualLogger makes it easy to provide both agent access to recordings and to control that level of access.

3.    Increase security. If it’s not on your list of resolutions for 2011, it needs to be. Two states (Massachusetts and Nevada) now require you to encrypt personal information about customers, and a host of other regulations (PCI, HIPPA, GLBA, etc.) apply nationally, depending on the industry you work in. With VirtualLogger, it’s possible to obtain these important security improvements without replacing your existing recorder.

4.    Enhance dispute resolution and protect against legal liability. Contact centers who record a large percentage of their calls soon find that having a recording can be really helpful, whether it’s in settling a dispute with a customer, documenting personnel actions with agents or protecting against lawsuits or regulatory actions. VirtualLogger can record 100% of a contact centers calls, whether that center has 10 agents or 10,000.

5.    Know how your customers feel. The best measure of your center’s performance is how the customer responds. For many centers, the best way to determine that is to ask the customer right after the call. Post-call surveys are easy to implement and can be sized to any budget. VirtualLogger offers post-call surveys that can be implemented in a few days, require no on-site equipment, and can be integrated into the overall recording system.

6.    Improve your coaching capability. To get agents up to speed quickly on new processes, procedures, scripts, etc., give them easy access to online training tools. With a few quick clicks, you can give them refresher and training tips that they can review in only a minute or two, and track their progress and retention, too. VirtualLogger e-coaching tools let you upload and provide access to any type of training material you require.

7.    Protect your capital. It’s always important, but especially in 2011, cash will be king and you’ll want to guard yours jealously. Using a “software as a service” provider lets you minimize your upfront cash investment requirements and protect your lines of credit too. VirtualLogger systems can start with as little as $500 upfront and generally require 10% or less of the upfront investment of other systems.

8.    Maintain positive cash flow. To insure that the cash coming in is greater than cash going out, use a service provider with a “pay as you go” pricing model. That way, your cost for a system is a monthly payment that matches how your revenue comes in. The VirtualLogger business model starts as low as $7 per agent per month with as few as 25 agents.

9.    Avoid downside risk. Even with a monthly payment structure, if your payments are a fixed amount each month (for example, with a lease or loan arrangement), you run the risk of losing business you’re counting on to make those payments. But with the right service provider, you can cut back your costs to match any reductions in business. VirtualLogger offers its Business Protection Plan(TM) which allows clients to cut back on their costs in proportion to their business requirements.

10.    Make more money. To insure that you make more money, choose a technology provider that guarantees a positive return on investment. VirtualLogger offers a guaranteed return on investment that insures that clients improve their business.

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VirtualLogger LLC is the first and leading provider of contact center recording and quality monitoring on a SaaS basis. VirtualLogger provides 100%, random and on-demand recording, screen capture, quality monitoring, post-call surveys and related technologies – all on a “pay as you go” basis. The VirtualLogger hosted model eliminates capital expenditures, greatly reduces technological and financial risk, increases ROI and lowers total cost of ownership for contact center technology. With more than 500 million calls recorded over 14 years and two years on the INC 500 list, VirtualLogger has a proven track record of success.