10 Topics to Start Your Small Business Blog

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Are you using your industry expertise to your advantage? Small business owners go into business because they can provide expertise to consumers that others cannot. The best way for business owners to display their unique industry understanding is through a blog.

Blogs are a great use of time for business owners because they are low cost and content driven. If you have never managed a blog, they can be a difficult task to take on at first. Follow these topic tips and you will have your blog running in no time!

    • History – With the growing use of social communication, consumers are asking for more information. Share your business history as well as personal life history with your readers. By making your blog personal you become relatable to customers.
    • Product – Talk about your business product or service in a way that your website doesn’t go into detail.
    • Tutorials – Create a simple video showing customers how to use a product or service. Make sure to post your tutorial on YouTube.
    • FAQ – Answer common questions that you receive from customers.
    • Seasonal – Discuss holidays and the special ways your business is celebrating them.
    • Current Events – If there is a large news story, talk about it in your blog and ask your readers to give their opinion on the topic.
    • Images – Post a picture of your desk or an image that made you laugh to encourage readers to share and participate.
    • Your Opinion – Identify a current advancement in your industry and provide your take on the subject. This gives your business credibility by showcasing your expertise.
    • Interview/Guest Blogger – Interview a formidable person in your field and post the Q&A to your blog. You can also invite a guest blogger to write a post providing readers with a different perspective.
    • Ask Your Readers – Ask your readers what they would like to see the blog discuss.

Writing a blog is an effective way to market your business and discuss topics with your customers. After publishing your blog make sure to share it on your social media accounts. These are just the basic tips needed to get a small business blog started.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/ardaguldogan

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