10X Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi Arriving for Airplanes

10 X Faster In-Flight Wi-Fi Arriving for Airplanes (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tired of the lack of internet access when you’re traveling in-flight? Well, that could all soon change. According to a report from the BBC on Tuesday, a new satellite system from communications regulator Ofcom has been proposed.

Called “Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms” (ESOMPs), the initiative is said to feature connections 10X faster compared to what’s already available.

The report indicated that a number of commercial satellite operators intend to launch networks in support of the platform. A launch could occur as soon as next year.

Meanwhile, the consultation appears to be headed in the right direction with the FCC already approved ESOMPs.

“If the consultation does result in the roll-out of this satellite based mobile connectivity, with its stabilised satellite dish system, the totally connected world vision will be one step closer, and passengers on aeroplanes may have to endure the loud telephone calls of others who have VoIP, Skype or similar on their phones,” explained thinkbroadband.com editor Andrew Ferguson via the BBC’s report.

On-flight Wi-Fi generally relies on a combination of direct links to ground stations along with links via satellites.