1&1 Launches Dynamic Cloud Server App

(Ping! Zine) – 1&1 Internet today launched 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server app, a new facility to manage a 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server remotely at any time or location.  The app is available now free of charge from the Apple AppStore.  Using the tool, server settings such as RAM or disk space can be individually customized, for example, in a taxi between meetings. 1&1’s app can be used with all current iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices.

Mobile administration for 1&1’s Dynamic Cloud Server is very easy.  Customers need only insert their 1&1 contract number and password once, and then view all relevant server details in real-time whenever they desire.  The service menu is highly user-friendly. Thus, server configuration options can be adapted easily and flexibly via an intuitive Control Panel – an up- or downgrade usually takes less than five minutes.  Data transfer is SSL encrypted to ensure security.
With 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server, elements such as RAM, CPU cores and disk space can be adapted dynamically as required during the contract lifetime.  Should a server’s load change, perhaps as the result of an advertising campaign achieving increased website traffic, the user is free to raise their hardware capability accordingly.  With 1&1’s innovative server model, it is also possible for the first time, to switch between Linux and Windows operating systems.  As usual for cloud technologies, the user needs only to pay for the capacity that they need.

The 1&1 Dynamic Cloud Server is suitable for private customers and businesses alike.  The package can be of particular benefit to a company that has fluctuating server requirements, or for start-up enterprises that cannot easily predict the future performance of their projects. 

1&1’s Dynamic Cloud Server is currently offered with massive technical allowances.  The entry-level package is priced at £14.99/month+VAT for the first three months, and £29.99/month+VAT thereafter, and includes 1 Processor Core, 1 GB RAM and 100 GB disk space.  Every additional Processor Core, further RAM or 100 GB of disk space is offered for only £5/month+VAT.

For more information on 1&1 hosting visit the website at www.1and1.co.uk