1&1 Offers Beta Trial of Remarkable New Cloud Server

New Cloud ServerIf you are still looking for the ideal Cloud Server to fit your web projects and developments perfectly, you may now have the opportunity to be among the first to discover a new generation of Cloud solution.
1&1, a leading web hosting provider, is currently offering Web and IT professionals the opportunity to trial their new range of Cloud Servers.
The focus is on making Cloud adoption easy to use but at the same time, extremely powerful, 1&1 have redesigned their Cloud range to include such benefits. With the most advanced features in the market, this combination is said to make the 1&1 Cloud Server a unique solution in the market changing everything you know about Cloud Servers.
Whilst the company is still putting the finishing touches to the product, its commercial launch is still a few weeks away, 1&1 today offers a free beta version, which is open and without cost for developers and industry professionals.
Once you have registered, you can access the dashboard for the new Cloud Server, which includes the following key functionalities: SSD and SAN storage, load balancers, centralised firewall rule setting, flexible server size, and more new features.

New Cloud Server (setup) New Cloud ServerThanks to SSD storage by default, the new Cloud Servers have radically enhanced performance, while SAN-storage increases resilience and secures the customers data in case of any unforeseen issue. Furthermore, this solution includes centralised firewall rule setting for all virtual machines and load balancer as a service, so customers can distribute their traffic workload among servers to always guarantee the best quality service for their websites and IT delivery.
Once the beta trial is over, 1&1 will upgrade this beta version to the version that will go on sale in the market. Their goal with the trial is to collect feedback from customers on the product’s features and to further understand what their customers want them to develop in the future. The feedback from beta testers is designed to help 1&1’s R&D teams to continue improving the service in future phases of development.
1&1 Cloud Server beta version is available for a limited period to companies and IT professionals in UK, Germany, France and Spain. Join the Cloud Server beta trial today and work with the Cloud in a great new way. Go on, be among the first to discover a new concept of the Cloud.