2013 Mac Pro: How Expandable is Apple’s New Computer?

macpro(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech giant Apple did something crazy at WWDC on Monday. The company gave the Mac Pro a complete revamp, re-imaging the pro computer with not only new specs, but an overhauled design.

Instead of the classic desktop body, Apple instead opted for a black circular one based on a unified thermal core which cools the system by drawing air in through the bottom, then through the core and finally back out through the top – something that evenly distributes throughout the device’s components for max thermal capacity.

“Can’t innovate anymore, my ass,” emphasized Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller during yesterday’s WWDC presentation.

And while we know the Mac Pro packs some pretty impressive tech specs (new gen Xeon processor, Thunderbolt 2, dual GPUs, etc.), it’s obvious that the computer is a lot smaller than its predecessor. Meanwhile, Mac lovers who love expandability are sure to ask, “Just how expandable is the new Mac Pro?”

In fact, Apple has called the new Mac its “most expandable Mac yet.” The company also says Mac Pro “has everything you need to build a workstation completely customized to what you need and how you work.”

First, here’s what’s offered in terms of upgrading: Mac Pro has four memory slots. According to a report from Mac World, you can access these by simply sliding off the metal sleeve. Another upgradable thing is flash storage which can be accessed near the motherboard.

Expanding the device is made available by adding a Thunderbolt PCI-expansion chassis, a move made in favor of the previously available four PCI Express slots. Via the Thunderbolt 2 ports, users are able to connect upwards of 36 high-performance peripherals. Let’s just say that with the new Mac Pro, Apple took its expansion outwards instead of inwards.