3 Simple Online Marketing Tactics

3 Simple Online Marketing Tactics(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you manage a small business, the thought of developing and investing the time into an online marketing strategy can be pretty daunting. Many tactics can not only take a lot of time to implement, but they can also be costly, such as elaborate online advertising campaigns. As a small business owner, you aim to maximize your time and resources as best as you can, so in this article we will go over some effective online marketing tactics that you should be able to implement fairly easily, without breaking the bank (or taking a lot of time).

Social Media – Without getting into the specifics of a social media presence for your business (which you can read about here), simply having an account on a popular social media site is a relatively small investment. The time involved can be tricky, especially to keep it updated and to maintain responsiveness, so it might be easier to stick with one network. Once you have a clearer understanding of the time involved in your first network, you can (and should) branch out to others.

Email Marketing – A great feature to include on your website is a contact form for visitors to fill out and submit. This form allows them to opt-in to receiving periodic email updates from your company. Take advantage of the email list that you can build over time and use it as a way to connect with an audience that has already shown interest in your business. With email marketing you can send special offers, announce new products, and more. Just take care not to send emails to users who have requested not to receive them. The last thing you want is to be reported for spamming.

Start a Blog – Many small business owners are hesitant to start a blog because they worry it will take too much time for too little payoff. However, while creating interesting and informative content on a consistent basis can be a time-consuming task, the potential payoff is worth it. A good blog can bring customers back to your website, and with the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits receive from frequently updated content, you bring new visitors to your site that you didn’t have before. By writing about topics that are important to your industry, and providing your thoughts on specific subjects, your audience will begin to see you as an expert, and be more trusting in what your brand has to offer.

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