$334 Million Investment: AMD Finalizes SeaMicro Deal

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Server builder SeaMicro was recently acquired by technology creator AMD. The finalization of the $334 million dollar deal was announced on Friday by AMD in a press release.

The move expands AMD’s portfolio to provide SeaMicro servers in the Xeon line along with others featuring Dual Core Intel processors.

The move was initially disclosed late last month.In a press release at the time, AMD stated, “With SeaMicro’s fabric technology and system-level design capabilities, AMD will be uniquely positioned to offer industry-leading server building blocks tuned for the fastest-growing workloads such as dynamic web content, social networking, search and video.”

Meanwhile, AMD senior VP and GM Lisa Su referred to her company’s fabric technology as “one of the crown jewels in the Cloud” in Friday’s release concerning the matter.

Now part of AMD, SeaMicro serves as the company’s “Data Center Server Solutions Business.” The finalization of the deal arrives after an announcement last Tuesday in which AMD said it would offer a new processor platform for dedicated hosting providers. For more information on the acquisition, view a press release here (amd.com).