3scale Releases Enhanced Engagement Metrics for APIs

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – 3scale released enhanced engagement metrics for APIs, applications and developer activity to give API program managers better visibility into their API program traffic, developer engagement, customer service and upgrade situations. The Dashboard, part of the Admin Portal, gives API providers quick and central visibility into opportunities or issues with their APIs in terms of traffic and customer engagement. The Dashboard is available now on all 3scale API Management Platform plans, from free through enterprise.

APIs have fast become a critical element of modern business, directly influencing customer success, stickiness and revenues for many companies. As this business value increases, API programs require increasingly detailed levels of insight into which applications, customers and partners are succeeding with the API, and those that need help.

3scale’s new Dashboard features include:

Daily Signups: A graphic display of daily and total signups over 30 days and percentage progression compared to the previous 30 days.

Potential Upgrades: Shows accounts that have exceeded usage limits for the period who should be contacted for upgrade to a higher plan.

Daily API Hits: Displays the number of daily and total API hits or calls to the API over 30 days and percentage progression compared to the previous 30 days.

Top Applications: Displays top applications based on total traffic for the last 30 days.

Latest Messages Stream: Displays all system notifications and messages.

“APIs are becoming the primary business interface for many organizations across use cases, and it’s critical that API managers have complete control and visibility,” said Steven Willmott, CEO of 3scale. “These metrics are incredibly valuable for API program managers and owners, project and partner managers – and even sales teams – to ensure API adoption is increasing, customers are happy and upgrade opportunities are identified.”

3scale account administrators determine which internal members see data based on roles/permissions in their particular product configuration. Single-user accounts and account admin/program managers see all the data features.

3scale is announcing these features at the 2015 API Strategy & Practice Conference in Austin, Texas. The event is co-organized by 3scale and API Evangelist and features more than 70 talks by leading API practitioners over 3 days. More information on APIStrat can be found at http://apistrategyconference.com/.

About 3scale

3scale makes it easy to open, secure, manage, distribute, control, and monetize APIs. Powerful, secure and Web scalable, 3scale is the self-serve API Management Platform built with performance, customer control and excellent time-to-value in mind. Powering more than 600 customer APIs, 3scale enables distribution of company data, content or services to multiple devices or mobile/Web applications – and makes it easy to productize APIs. No other solution gives API providers so much power, ease and flexibility in such a cost effective way. Customers span the Fortune 500, government, academia and startups including Coldwell Banker, Johnson Controls, SITA, CrunchBase, UC Berkeley and others. 3scale also powers APItools for API users and APIs.io, the first open source API search engine. For more information, visit www.3scale.net.

About API Strategy & Practice Conference

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are changing the face of digital business by enabling new business and technical strategies across many industries. The API Strategy & Practice Conference offers a unique program of keynotes, panels and themed sessions to provide insights into the potential of APIs, best practices, and how to craft a successful API strategy. The conference is co-organized by 3scale and API Evangelist and is made possible by the generous support of the event sponsors. http://www.apistrategyconference.com