4 Out of 5 Tablet Buyers Choose iPad

(Ping! Zine) – According to a survey released by Changewave Research, high satisfaction rates among tablet owners are causing the demand for netbooks to drastically slide.

The new survey polled 3,108 consumers back in October on their plans for purchasing PCs. Netbooks, and tablets. Of those polled, over one quarter said they would likely purchase a tablet in the next 90 days.

Out of those expecting to buy a tablet, 80 percent said they would purchase the Apple iPad. The RIM Playbook came in second with 8 percent, followed by the Samsung Galaxy (3 percent), and HP Slate (2 percent). The Archos Tablet, Dell Streak, and Sony Dash brought in 1 percent of the votes.

The survey also asked current iPad owners about their satisfaction with the product. Among those surveyed, 72 percent of owners reported being “very satisfied”, while 23 percent were “somewhat satisfied.”

The slide in consumer demand for netbooks seemingly comes from high interest in tablets. The survey found that consumers planning to buy netbooks (14 percent) dropped 10 points since June 2009, when interested for the devices was at an all time high.