4 Ways Video Conferencing Can Liven Up Team Meetings

Team meetings are an important part of the life of any business. They are vital to sharing work and checking on the status of projects, as well as keeping employees connected and up to date on the latest information. As important as they are, meetings can often feel dull or repetitive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With web conferencing they can be interesting, effective, and interactive. Here are four ways that video conferencing can liven up your team meeting.

1. Meet Remote Team Members

One of the benefits of working in an office setting is camaraderie and the sense of working as a team to accomplish a task. With rising gas prices and an increasing number of works happening online, the traditional office is slowly becoming an outdated idea. As of 2012, 73% of surveyed businesses planned to hire online contractors. This is a huge number of businesses with at least some team members who may never come into a physical office with their coworkers. Even if most of the members of your team are in the office, the ability to bring in anyone else with the talents needed, regardless of their location, can only benefit the group as a whole. Having meetings without them, though, hinders the whole team’s ability to function efficiently. Web conferencing can have all the benefits of face-to-face meetings by creating a shared virtual space for collaboration and discussion. This type of collaboration can also bring energy and new ideas to the meetings so that they don’t get stale and unproductive.

2. Virtual Team Building Activities

Meetings often lack the sense of fun or spontaneity that produces a higher level of creativity and interaction. By implementing team building activities, many businesses can foster a sense of fun, comfort within the group, and camaraderie. This interaction can take many forms, from simply having a good introduction to having full games to play. The good news is that thanks to video conferencing, virtual meetings can still involve fun team building activities. Things like video scavenger hunts and virtual office tours can especially liven up a meeting so that the team feels connected and relaxed around each other. This can also allow people to gain a better understanding of their teammates’ perspectives, if they can actually see where each other’s spaces are.


3. Go Outside

One of the best ways to breathe fresh life into a meeting is to make it into a field trip. Take your team for a walk or to a location that’s not the usual board room and bring the video conference with you. Having a variety of work spaces and changing the scenery increases creativity and helps people have fresh ideas about their work. Being outside and experiencing nature reduces stress and aggressive feelings, as well as increases the ability to concentrate and be focused. The freedom to move away from a desk can give employees a feeling of autonomy that doesn’t exist in the world of cubicles. All of these benefits are great, and web conferencing allows team members to do just that. Using a video conferencing tool that works across a variety of platforms means that meetings can go mobile, and getting everyone out of the office can improve outlooks and make the meeting more interesting, even if it still has the same content. This kind of flexibility means that even the most traditional type of office can have a more energizing work space and give employees the chance to flourish.

 4. Share Videos and Other Content

Sometimes information needs to get shared in the middle of a meeting. People have questions that need to be answered and don’t want to lose track of them, but also don’t want to interrupt the person speaking. Interacting with others during a conference or meeting can be difficult, especially when participating in a virtual meeting where you can’t necessarily write something for others to see. One of the best things about having a good web conferencing service like Blue Jeans Network is the ability to seamlessly share videos, text, and other content during the course of the conference. Live streaming is effective because it takes place in real time and creates a face-to-face meeting where one might not be possible otherwise, and the option to include relevant data, comments, or questions with the group involved without interrupting the flow can keep the meeting moving forward efficiently. This also gives the group the ability to interact and be actively involved in the meeting, even if each person isn’t individually talking. Prerecorded content can be shared simultaneously so that the entire group experiences it at once rather than hoping they all receive it beforehand or remember to watch it afterward. This sharing capability brings a dynamic quality to virtual meetings thanks to effective web conferencing.