48 Hours for NetBenefit to Support LadyGaga in France

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – NetBenefit stepped in at 48 hours’ notice to host the ladygaga.fr site, providing infrastructure which supported the arrival of 25,000 French LadyGaga fans in the first five minutes, following the online release of the LadyGaga Competition organised by Vanksen and Polydor, in order to promote her new album Born This Way in May. Vanksen (www.vanksen.com) and Polydor realised, just prior to the release of LadyGaga’s new single, that that they would need additional capacity to support the uploading of the expected video content and to handle the high levels of traffic expected.

The project for Vanksen was a one month competition, French This Way, where the fans of LadyGaga created pastiches of the song’s video and posted them online to win tickets to a private concert by “The Mother Monster” herself. Given the high profile of this star, it was imperative that these large amounts of data could be easily uploaded with no interruption to the site. 800 video entries were uploaded with the winner being viewed 30,000 times and the site receiving over 71,000 unique visits.

“I am delighted to have worked with NetBenefit; their ability to react quickly and effectively made all the difference to this campaign” said Caroline Cassino, Account manager at Vanksen who was in charge of the operation. “I had previously worked with NetBenefit and knew they would create a Vanksen / NetBenefit team to work on the competition and the www.ladygaga.fr site. It was great to receive a mail from the NetBenefit Account manager in charge of the project, the day after the announcement of the game on the TV news of M6, in which said, “everything’s fine Caroline, we managed the peak influx of 25,000 unique visitors in 5 minutes, phew!”. It’s so important to work with partners who have the same level of commitment to the project as we do and to have a unique contact which gives efficient and quick exchanges. Even the HD images that made up the home page of the site never posed any problems. In all, relying on NetBenefit’s experts gave me peace of mind and I was able to devote myself entirely to my client”.

NetBenefit prides itself on its swift and efficient levels of service. It was able to respond to Vanksen’s request, providing an estimate and commitment within an hour. The technical team arranged the necessary support for the expected size and flux in traffic and the provisioning to deal with any eventuality. A monitoring device measured the trends of real-time traffic and the NetBenefit Cloud solution allowed the rapid deployment of temporary infrastructure and demand capacity, responding to the trend information, as well as direct control of resources by the user if necessary. NetBenefit also used its Content Delivery Network to optimise the user experience and avoid performance slowdowns, which can demotivate the user.

Colin Bell, Managing Director at NetBenefit commented “Our aim is to remove the technical pressures for creatives managing the design and delivery of websites and online campaigns. There was no spec for this project, just the knowledge that for an artist of this international stature, the site could not crash!” He continued, “We know that agencies face unique hosting issues and typically need more capacity flexibility and managed support than other users. In our VIP Lounge programme, they will find a service that is created specifically for their needs and some significant financial incentives. This has been borne out of consultation with our customers and BIMA (British Interactive Media Association), the industry body for new media agencies.”

For more information on NetBenefit, please visit: www.netbenefit.com