4J Studios Discusses ‘Minecraft: PS3’ Bugs and Patch Fixes

4J Studios Discusses 'Minecraft: PS3' Bugs and Patch Fixes(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The debut of Minecraft: PS3 may have made its way straight to the top of Playstation’s charts after the first 13 days of its release, but it still has many bugs that need to be fixed.

Reports from the Examiner  indicate that many users have reportedly been experiencing issues with their files not saving properly.

4J Studios acknowledged the issue on their Twitter account by telling fans they are “testing a fix” for the save files bug and other PS3 issues.

The current focus for the development team is fixing these issues before Mojang can continue working on other consoles.

“We’re now back at work – looks like we have some nasty PS3 issues to fix, then on to TU14 and other platforms.”