4PSA Adds Security Feedback to VoipNow Mobile 2.0

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – 4PSA announced today the launch of VoipNow Mobile 2.0, a major new version of the enterprise PBX VoipNow mobile client. VoipNow Mobile is designed for companies of all sizes who want to increase employee mobility while not sacrificing security.

The new version adds support for video calls, high-definition audio and security feedback features. “While many people have become aware about the value of encryption when using HTTP based services, not the same can be said about phone calls. This is dangerous because many phone calls made using the Internet are vulnerable to eavesdropping. VoipNow Mobile provides visual real-time information about the security of each call and companies can restrict the completion of calls that are not properly encrypted and cryptographically authenticated.” stated Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA’s COO.

Video calls are also encrypted and users will enjoy a good quality even over 3G networks. The new version is further optimized to provide an exceptional good audio quality on poor wireless networks. In testing conditions, the voice quality was not substantially degraded on networks that experienced up to 30% packet loss.

VoipNow Mobile is a BYOD solution that allows organizations to increase employee productivity with less spending on infrastructure. “There are no more phone devices to buy, install, configure, manage and monitor. The user should install the application on his smartphone, provide his credentials and the phone is ready to use. It is not necessary to make complicated and error-prone configurations, everything is done automatically. No user training is required.”, also added Ms. Carstoiu.

Service providers can start offering VoipNow Mobile immediately by joining the Service Provider program. Carriers can also opt for a white label solution. End-users can download VoipNow Mobile for free from the Apple Store and do the setup on their own in less than 3 minutes, without any training or documentation.

About 4PSA

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VoipNow is the most technically advanced Unified Communications platform for service providers. It comes with rapid set-up and deployment, a comprehensive set of features, integrated charging and billing engine, and competitive pay-as-you-grow pricing – even when deployed on partner premises. VoipNow Mobile, its mobile client, replaces desktop phones and brings manageable and secure BYOD.

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