4PSA Now Offers Cloud Licensing

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – 4PSA, a leading innovative Cloud Computing software technology company, well-known for its award-winning VoipNow® Unified Communications solution, has announced today the availability of Cloud Licensing, a licensing methodology that brings cloud computing flexibility and scalability to software licensing.

The new licensing methodology follows the investments made by the company in back-end automation and customer facilities. “With Cloud Licensing, we aim to simplify all processes related to software licensing, from infrastructure planning to support. It uses the core principles of cloud computing and inherits its advantages such as simplified provisioning, low and predictable costs, and demand based auto-scaling. For service providers this means no upfront licensing costs, transparent operating terms, and agile service development”, stated Bogdan Carstoiu, 4PSA’s CEO.

Customers can choose between two levels of Cloud Licensing flexibility, based on the software deployment target. The first level, called Basic Cloud Licensing, was designed for smaller installations, includes predefined resources, and comes at fixed subscription costs. It is recommended that service providers bundle this licensing level with infrastructure services for SMB end-users. When more resources than the predefined limits are required, the license can be upgraded to the next level. Technical support is included and customers can use all software features.

The second level, Full Cloud Licensing, provides unlimited scalability and it is designed for larger installations. Technical support comes with the software license and costs are based on provisioned resources. Thanks to the transparent and real-time resource scaling, the service provider pays only for the actual usage. Due to the automation tools available to 4PSA customers, software licensing for both levels can be provisioned and managed in only a matter of seconds. During the lifecycle of the license all processes are automated.

4PSA currently offers Cloud Licensing for VoipNow® Professional, a leading UC software delivering Unified Communications for companies of all sizes, VoipNow® Automation, a business and operations solution that enables service providers to automate the most important business flows, and DNS Manager, multitenant software automation designed to deliver advanced DNS hosting. All the other
products in 4PSA’s portfolio will be getting the Cloud Licensing support by the end of 2011.

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