5 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Address

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Choosing the right Web address can be a daunting task for many business owners.  Consequently, many companies often rush this process and end up selecting an inadequate domain name.  In fact, a survey of over 1,000 American businesses revealed that 42 percent spent the same time selecting their domain as they did sourcing minor equipment such as their coffee maker or paper shredder (less than 1 hour).

1&1’s ‘SMB Domain Choices Study’ showed that 1 in 4 of these businesses (23 percent) said they were unwilling to attempt a change in domain name because they believed it would involve a lot of work.  Approximately 60 percent of business owners sought no second opinion before making a selection and over half (57 percent) did not consider options such as .biz or .net at all.

Evidently, many companies do not realize that the selection of a business’ web address is a crucial decision, and they should consider all available options before purchasing their primary domain name.  As the number of registered domains increases, it’s often the case that the best available domains belong to less obvious suffixes, so it is very important to choose addresses carefully.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Address:

A number of businesses continue to use an undesirable domain name while recognizing it could be having a negative impact on their business.  The following are five tips for improving the way companies choose their web addresses:

1. Spend at least a few days thinking about your domain name wording and weighing the pros and cons of the various suffixes that are available.

2. Seek external opinions on what a domain could suggest about your business.

3. Look at less obvious suffixes such as .info, .net, .us, .biz or .tv, instead of being pre-occupied with .com or .org options.

4. Choose a Web address that’s easy to remember.  About 7 percent of business owners surveyed in 1&1’s ‘SMB Domain Choices Study’ admit to having forgotten their own domain name on occasion.

5. Do not delay making changes if the domain isn’t the right fit for your business.

Finding unique unregistered domain names on the general market can be very challenging, so companies often turn to the secondary market or aftermarket for names that have already been registered, like on www.sedo.com.  In 2011, close to 40,000 secondary domains were sold. Web hosts such as 1&1 often work with brokerage services like sedo.com to help companies find an already registered domain name.

Although purchasing a web address should be one of the first steps in launching a business, it is often bought in haste.  Every American business must recognize the lasting impact that a domain name can have on sales and company image.  An experienced domain name registration partner can also help companies choose the right address.

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