5 Ways to Use Pay Per Click Advertising with MLM

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Pay per click advertising is a great way to start receiving traffic to the MLM website within hours of posting the PPC ad online. It can also be very costly if a person is not aware of a few things that will eat up profits quickly. Dubli provides a few basic tips on how to use this method effectively to ensure the campaign produces the highest rate of return on investment.

Keyword Bidding 

Once the keyword research has been completed and there are some keyword combinations that the prospects are using to find the specific MLM program, be sure about the keyword combinations that will bring a highly targeted audience. If the keywords are too broad, there will be payment for a lot of traffic that is not interested in the product. The prospects may be using broad terms in their searches, but nobody will ever know exactly what they are searching for. This will cost a lot of money with nothing to show for it at the end of the campaign.

Save Money with Highly Targeted Keywords 

A lot of money will be saved by bidding on very specific keyword terms. Although less traffic to the MLM website likeDubli may be received, it is better to have a smaller amount of traffic that is highly interested in the product than a mass of untargeted traffic that will end up clicking away from the site.

Optimize Ads 

Use the keywords that have been chosen when PPC ads are created. It is best to create more than one PPC ad and then split test them to see which one is performing the best. Google AdWords contains a split testing tool that can be used to perform this task. Also, create the ads to reflect what the visitor can expect when they arrive on the MLM landing page. This will also improve the Google Quality Score and the ad rankings on the search engine results page (SERP) as well.

Discover What Affiliate Ads Are Producing Results 

Enter the keywords into organic searches and pull up similar ads that are related to them. Discover what MLM product ads are producing results and then use them as a model for creating others. Note that this method is not used to plagiarize the ads. Simply use them to get the ideas on how to write a successful PPC ad that produces results.

Set the Advertising Budget

Google provides a way to set the MLM advertising budget for how much it is planned to be spent on a daily basis. This prevents from going over limits and losing money in the campaign. When the advertising budget is set in the AdWords account, the campaign will automatically pause when the spending limit has been reached even while away from the PC. This provides safety and ensures the entire budget is not depleted within a matter of hours.

PPC advertising can be a great way to jumpstart a MLM campaign. Dubli website provides further information about promoting such programs.