70% of U.S. Adults have Home Broadband Installed

70% of U.S. Adults have Home Broadband Installed(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – 70% of American adults now have broadband access in their homes, new statistics from Pew Internet recently revealed.

The number represents a slight increase compared to April of 2012 when 66% of adults were reported to have home broadband installed.

“The demographic factors most correlated with home broadband adoption continue to be educational attainment, age, and household income. Almost nine in ten college graduates have high-speed internet at home, compared with just 37% of adults who have not completed high school,” commented Pew via its study.

In addition to the above, the study also showed that adults under 50 and households earning more than $50 thousand yearly were more likely to have broadband installed than others.

View Pew’s report here (pewinternet.org).