86% of People Try Clean Up their Online Digital Footprints

86% of People Try Clean Up their Digital Footprints (Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – If you want to stay anonymous, the internet is increasingly becoming a harder place to do so.

Pew Research recently surveyed 1,002 adults last month from July 11-14th, finding that a total of 55% of people had moved to avoid observation either from specific people, government or organizations online.

An even larger amount (86%) noted they had attempted to mask or remove their online digital footprints, whether it be from steps including encrypting emails, clearing cookies, using virtual networks to mask IP addresses, or avoiding the use of their real names.

Meanwhile, 21% indicated that they had had their social networking accounts accessed in an unauthorized manner.

“People would like control over their information, saying in many cases it is very important to them that only they or the people they authorize should be given access to such things as the content of their emails, the people to whom they are sending emails, the place where they are when they are online, and the content of the files they download,” explained Pew in its study.

Online anonymity has been receiving more attention following the leak of the government’s surveillance program known as PRISM.