900 Admin Credentials Leaked in Breach of China Telecom

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Internet hacktivist group SwaggSec claimed responsibility for a breach of Chinese ISP company China Telecom and Warner Brothers on Sunday.

Data taken from the companies was leaked via a torrent file contained on file sharing site The Pirate Bay. Particularly, more than 900 administrator credentials for China Telecom were accounted for while less data from Warner Brothers was included.

Discussing the matter in a post via pastebin.com, the hacking group emphasized the ease in which the operation was carried out. “At any moment, we could have and still could destroy their communication infrastructure leaving millions without communication,” warned SwaggSec regarding the breach of China Telecom.

Then there was the other target. “When we hacked their intranet, we were surprised to see their IT department’s well documented “confidential” data about the “critical vulnerabilities” on their servers and sites,” commented the group regarding the hack of Warner Brothers.

According to a Sunday news report from IDG News Service, SwaggSec was notable for participating in a previous attack on product manufacturer Foxconn.

The security breaches are reminiscent of attacks carried out by another famous hacking group during the course of last year. In 2011, LulzSec received notable attention for breaches on websites belonging to the U.S. Senate, Sony, the CIA, PBS and more.