$99 Xbox 360 Arrives at Best Buy, Gamestop

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Xbox 360 blog MajorNelson.com reported on Monday that Microsoft’s offering of discounted 4GB Xbox consoles for just $99 dollars had hit the shelves at stores including all Best Buy and select Gamestop retailers.

The plan was unveiled by the company earlier this year. Initial reports indicated that the offering would be available through Microsoft Stores only. The Windows maker has just 26 locations throughout the United States. However, MajorNelson.com indicated earlier this month that the company had expanded the program to include other locations.

“This next phase of the pilot program will be limited in terms of both timing and the number of units available—we’re excited to forge new ground and explore a new retail model for Xbox 360, but also want to emphasize that this is a pilot period for the program,” commented MajorNelson.com when discussing the discounted console’s availability previously.

$99 sounds pretty good for an Xbox 360, right? Well, there is somewhat of a catch: Purchasing the device requires a two year subscription to Xbox Live Gold, an offering that costs users a monthly rate of $14.99. But let’s not forgot something that makes the offer especially sweet. It comes with Kinect.

BestBuy regularly charges $299.99 for the 4GB version of the console featuring Kinect.

Microsoft has been working to provide new features to its popular gaming platform. Earlier this month at the E3 gaming conference, the company unveiled SmartGlass, a service that provides device-syncing for Xbox 360 controls with smartphones and tablets.