A Beginner’s Guide to SSL Certificates

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – You’re lucky if you belong to that percentage of individuals who are well informed and very knowledgeable with the technical terms often used in computer technology. But what if you are a part of the other group who only knows the basics? It pays to learn a little more about these terms especially if you are considering of utilizing the popularity of the Internet to launch your own company.

So you have this concept in mind and the next step is looking for qualified individuals that can work on this idea and transform exactly to the type of website that you have in mind. You might experience some difficulties once you’ve encountered unfamiliar words just like SSL Certificates. What exactly does it mean? And what is its relevance to your plan of establishing an online store?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a type of protocol that was formulated by Netscape. This is widely used especially during the transfer of information in order to ensure the security and privacy of the exchanged data. This is a very important security measure that an online store should invest in since most internet users are very specific when it comes to the type of websites that they’ll visit. Here’s an overview of the different types of SSL certificates that are available:

  1. The Dedicated SSL Certificates

As the name suggests, this type is specifically dedicated to the domain name of your website. Considered to be one of the expensive certificates, it provides a great amount of undivided security only for your website.

  1. The Shared SSL Certificates

Shared SSL Certificates are often provided by web host companies for their clients. As this type can be attached to several websites, the name and details that will appear during the verification would be from the person or the company who purchased it. So if viewers will check the authenticity of your website, they might notice that the website domain name and the name on the SSL certificate may not be a match.

  1. The Wildcard SSL Certificates

This type of certificate is widely used for websites that have sub domains. One certificate can be used to provide protection to a number of sub domains, making it a practical choice for those with multiple sites.

  1. The Free SSL Certificates

Most of these free SSL certificates are trial versions offered by companies and can be used for a certain number of days. The risk involved when using the free stuff is that it might not provide your website with a good level of security and protection.

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