A Better Place to Work? Fair Labor Association Commends Foxconn

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Tech device manufacturer Foxconn appears to be a better place to work nowadays, as compared to years past. According to a recent BBC report, the Fair Labor Association recently commended the company, known for its production of Apple products, for taking steps to improve its working environment.

Foxconn has received scathing criticism in the past for working conditions seen by some as less than humane, providing workers with low wages, extensive hours, among other criticisms.

However, the Fair Labor Association recently inspected factories for the provider. The result?

“Many physical changes to improve worker health and safety have been made since the investigation, including the enforcement of ergonomic breaks, changing the design of workers’ equipment to guard against repetitive stress injuries, updating of maintenance policies to ensure equipment is working properly, and testing of emergency protective equipment like eyewashes and sprinklers. Foxconn has also engaged consultants to provide health and safety training for all employees,” read a report made available via fairlabor.com.

Foxconn operates a variety of factories worldwide, most notably in China where much of the criticism has been leveled.