A Newb Guide: What is Diablo 3?

A Newb Guide: What is Diablo 3?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Welcome to Sanctuary! This Beginners Guide will help anyone who is new to the game and show a little bit of what Sanctuary has to offer.

What is Diablo III?

Diablo III is the third installment in the Diablo franchise developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Users are tasked with defeating Diablo, the Lord of Terror, as they face many challenging quests and monsters in their journey. This role-playing game takes place in Sanctuary, twenty years after the events in Diablo II. “We’ve added even more elements to the game to keep building on our vision for the world of Sanctuary,” states Battle.net, Diablo III’s official website.

Choosing a class

When you first begin the game, users will be given the option to choose one of five classes, or characters, to play as. Only one can be played at a time, but you can always go back and switch.

  1. The Barbarian- savage warriors whose size and strength can leave enemies dead within seconds and survivors fearing for their lives. Barbarians can use almost any combination of weapon and approach, but mostly stick to massive and destructive weaponry, as they are able to pick up weapons that most warriors cant. They can take hits without being severely injured due to their heavy shields and flesh that deflects blades and teeth.
  2. Demon Hunter- group of merciless hunters whose vengeance is fueled by the desire to avenge their families who were butchered by demons and hellspawns. These hunters’ arsenals include dual-wielded crossbows, grenades, longbows, and hand-thrown weapons. They embrace apocryphal magic where they can cloak themselves in darkness and slip between shadows in order to increase their chances against the Burning Hells.
  3. Wizard- rebellious spellcasters who “use their bodies as vessels for arcane energy, forsaking the more careful path favored by other magic users.” They can manipulate the natural elements by creating flames, bolts of light, whirlwinds, and blasts of ice to harm their enemies. They create powerful illusions, teleport by controlling light and time, and rely heavily on their magic, as they are not as strong as other warriors in the game.
  4. Witch Doctor- spiritual warriors who summon the spirits to do their bidding. They are surrounded by conjured zombies, bats, spiders, etc… that protect and fight for their masters till death. Witch doctors take control over the battlefield by using crowd control spells, fire and venom fields, curses, and have the ability to infect, slow, and terrify their foes.
  5. Monk- sacred warriors who channel “divine powers” that gives them mantras of protection against attacks, ability to heal, and attacks empowered by holy might. Monks are able to quickly move around enemies by “flanking them or striking at their vitals as the situation demands.”

What is a Follower?

Followers are characters that help you through your journey in Sanctuary as you battle against the Burning Hells. Each follower is equipped with their own skills, allowing you choose four of them at a time for them to use.

  1. Enchantress- Skills:  Charm, Missile Ward, Disorient, Forceful Push, Powered Armor, Erosion, Focused Mind, Mass Control.
  2. Scoundrel- Skills: Crippling Shot, Poison Bolt, Dirty Fighting, Vanish, Powered Shot, Hysteria, Multishot, Anatomy.
  3. Templar- Skills: Heal, Loyalty, Charge, Inspire, Intervene, Intimidate, Onslaught, Guardian.


Crafting & Artisans

Artisans are the world’s most talented craftsman that buy, sell, and create armor for you in your journey. It is wise to invest time and money in their training, as they improve the quality of their weapons and armor they produce for you. There are two types of Artisans you can choose from to accompany you:

  1. Jeweler- “I’m a simple man. Give me a good meal, a warm bed and a handful of jewels.” The jeweler cuts and shapes gems that will enhance your weaponry and armory.
  2. Blacksmith- he is able to make suits of armor, shields, helms, weapons, and belts for you to use. Also, he takes unwanted magic items and makes them into material to use to craft “even greater pieces of equipment.”

Player VS Player

Player VS Player is an addition in this game that allows for a more “formalized” place for users to test their skills in a dueling fight against another player. These duels can be done in the Scorched Chapel, a zone designed for “brutal, fast-paced free-for-all combat.”

Difficulty Levels

The addition of Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno mode adds news options not found on the normal setting. These modes feature potent unique items, more dangerous monsters, powerful armor sets, high-level runes, and exclusive recipes and upgrades for Artisans.

In Inferno mode, which can only be reached once Hell mode has been beaten, offers epic rewards and challenges for players who have reached the game’s level cap.


Battle.net now features a visual representation of player’s accomplishments in the game that is visible to all players.