A Small Orange offer Website Reputation Protection Services

(Ping! Zine Wbe Hosting Magazine) – Web hosting provider A Small Orange (asmallorange.com) announced on Wednesday it has partnered with website security services provider Stopthehacker (Stopthehacker.com) to launch SaaS based website security services, to protect the online reputation of websites and e-businesses. With this new set of security services, A Small Orange brings more value to its shared and dedicated web hosting customers. This builds on their ease of use combined with powerful features backed by 24/7 support staff.

“More than 6,600 websites get hacked everyday and get blacklisted by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Having your website blacklisted is a death knell for businesses as customers are prevented from visiting compromised sites by modern browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and others. It is imperative to keep websites free of malware and stay off blacklists.” says Anirban Banerjee, Co-Founder of Stopthehacker.

A Small Orange’s service offerings enable hosting customers to protect their websites and businesses against malicious hackers. These security services do not require any software installation, are extremely effective, and flexibly priced.

The service features include direct-to-consumer alerts in case of malware injection on a website as a result of a hacker break-in, access to a powerful online dashboard at Stopthehacker and the latest Artificial Intelligence based technology, working 24×7 to monitor and protect customer websites. The security services can be started by simply signing up with an email and a domain name.

“Stopthehacker’s services can now provide our customers a powerful security tool in their arsenal. These services help maximize their success and insure business continuity in the highly competitive online marketplace,” says Douglas Hanna , CEO of A Small Orange. “We are pleased to partner with Stopthehacker and provide our customers with more choice and a compelling service portfolio.”