Accelerated Cellular Extender: Model 6200-FX approved for use on Sprint Network

Accelerated Cellular Extender: Model 6200-FX approved for use on Sprint Network(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Accelerated Concepts Inc., a global provider of VPN hardware, wireless hardware and management software, announces that it’s 6200-FX Cellular Extender product has been tested and approved for use on the Sprint Network.

The 6200-FX Cellular Extender allows any ethernet device to utilize 3G/4G and 4G/LTE wireless data for either primary or backup cellular data connectivity. The 6200-FX is unique in that it does not need to be co-located with other telecommunications equipment. It is designed to be optimally located for the strongest cellular reception, which eliminates the need for expensive and often ineffective external antennas. The flexibility of this device is further optimized with the use of the included passive Power over Ethernet (POE) injector cable as a power source, thereby eliminating the need to be located near a power outlet.

The 6200-FX is fully supported by the Accelerated View™ management portal, which allows for centralized configuration, control, monitoring, and reporting, which permits efficient management of multiple remote locations. The 6200-FX also now fully provides over the air (OTA) firmware updates for a majority of its supported cellular modems.

“We are very excited to bring our unique Accelerated Cellular Extender and Accelerated View™ to the Sprint network. Accelerated Concepts has had significant revenue growth over the last three years and offering our 6200-FX to Sprint customers will allow us to continue building on that momentum” said Jason Dorough, Vice President, Sales.

The Accelerated 6200-FX Cellular Extender is currently available for purchase. For more information about this and our other products, please visit: .

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Accelerated Concepts, Inc. is a global provider of VPN and wireless hardware and management software. With locations in Tampa, Florida, and Brisbane, Australia, Accelerated Concepts was founded in 2006 with the creation of our flagship product: NetBridge. The company has since added to its offerings to include cellular data hardware, network management software and virtual private network (VPN) technology. For more information visit us at: