Act Now Domains Adds Secure Server Capability

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Safety conscious webmasters can now rest easier! One of the leading companies in the make your own website industry, Act Now Domains, is pleased to announce secure server capability for its customers. Customers are able to build a website using the tools and templates available to them with Act Now Domains’ easy to use website builder.    Every website created with Act Now Domains’ make your own website builder is hosted on a secure server that is monitored 24 hours a day.

In addition to the security available to customers utilizing the website builder, Act Now Domains also has established a stand alone secure server extended validation ssl for those who host their websites with the company as well as those who host their websites with other providers. The secure server ssl certificate offers webmasters premium ssl protection which covers data protection with 256 bit encryption plus domain and company validation. The trusted green browser bar is also included with each secure server certificate that is issued.

For those customers who do not require security for an entire server but just need security for their website, Act Now Domains is pleased to offer secure site ssl certificates. Secure site functionality ensures that customer data is kept safe and secure with special 256 bit encryption that makes it unfeasible for a hacker to launch a brute force attack against the website to gain valuable customer data. In addition, customers are given the security of seeing the symbol of visible safety, the https prefix as well as the padlock icon that most customers insist upon seeing before giving their valuable credit card information to a business.

“We understand how important security is for our customers and the customers they serve. In addition to the thousands of great designs, templates and images a customer can use to build their website with our easy website maker even a beginner’s website can be made more secure with one of our easy to install secure site ssl certificates,” said Allison Lee, Vice President of Development for Act Now Domains. “We not only show our customers how to build a website fast and easy that looks great but we also give those customers who want to sell items a way to secure their own customer’s data.”

Act Now Domains is a leading provider of internet services that enable individuals and businesses to build, maintain and promote an online presence. Act Now Domains provides inexpensive .com web domains as well as domain registration of over 30 additional domain extensions including the popular .net and .org extensions. Act Now Domains also offers make your own website makers with thousands of designs and images to choose from, hosting, secure server extended validation ssl certificates, secure site ssl certificates, web promotion tools and many other web site related products.

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