Action Web Group Expands Customization with BannerView

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Action Web Group, a Les Vegas, Nevada-based provider of services including hosting, dedicated servers, website security, SEO and more, recently announced a partnership with is notable for its BannerOS web content management system, helping SMBs emphasize functionality via their web presences. The provider will join Action Web Group’s web design offerings, helping clients more specifically suit their web presences to their likeness.

“The inclusion of a highly respected web-centric company like within our hosting portfolio provides Action Web Group customers with more options in the area of web design. Their solution really goes a long way towards extending the functionality of websites, allowing web administrators to easily expand their web presence as their business grows,” commented Rob Jackson, President of Action Web Group. “Going with them was an easy choice as we’re both members of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.”

Adding the platform allows Action Web Group to expand a website customization offering that already includes the likes of the Soholaunch Website Builder.