Adobe Creative Suite’s Subscription Model Not Popular

girllaptop(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Adobe’s transition to a subscription-based model isn’t necessarily a hit among the company’s clientele, a CNET poll showed recently.

The tech provider previously moved to make its Creative Suite software a per month cost instead of the previously available one-time fee.

A staggering 93.1% of 1,642 respondents signaled they’d “look for alternatives to Adobe’s tools” while just 37.7% said they planned to upgrade to Creative Suite version 6 – the subscription-based release.

The subscription-based Adobe services can range between $30 and $75 in monthly fees. Such a move by the company should help the provider update its Creative Suite line more frequently.

Meanwhile, Adobe emphasized that it understands the big shift. “We understand this is a big change, but we are so focused on the vision we shared for Creative Cloud, and we plan to focus all our new innovation on the Creative Cloud,” stated Adobe GM David Wadhwani for the company’s digital media business via an interview with CNET.