Advanced Web Focuses DNS Service on Web Hosts

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Are you a web hosting company that needs your DNS secured but you find some of the pricing just a bit too high? Well if you’re in that category, online solutions company Advanced Web is hoping you consider something they have.

On Monday, Advanced Web unveiled its DNS appliance alternative, providing what the company maintains is an affordable platform that offers such things as IPv6 support, “geographical dispersion of service for best-practice redundancy” and more.

“Our solution is perfect for companies that have aging or unsecure DNS environments and need to fix their mission-critical infrastructure quickly and without sacrificing stability, security, or performance,” stated Advanced Web Chief DNS Architect Brad Caricofe in a press release.

Advanced Web said the service operates on CentOS & Red Hat Linux-based servers which are custom built.

Domain Name Systems serve as one of the most integral parts on the web and are responsible for converting domains names into IP addresses so websites can be properly accessed.

Other solutions by Advanced Web include those pertaining to SEO, website design and hosting, management of office systems and more. The company also recently announced that it would be converting all its documents for storage on a digital platform. For more information regarding Advanced Web, visit: