Advertising Specifications

The following links are preset templates for Print Advertising sizes:

Two Page Spread (pdf template)Bleed Size: 17.25″ x 11.375″Cut Size: 16.75″ x 10.875″Copy Size:16.25″ x 10.375″ Full Page (pdf template)Bleed Size: 8.875″(w) x 11.375″(h)Cut Size: 8.375″ x 10.875″Copy Size: 7.875″ x 10.375″
Half Page Vertical (pdf template)Bleed Size: 4.4375″ x 11.375″Cut Size: 4.1875″ x 10.875″Copy Size: 3.9375″ x 10.375″ Half Page Horizontal (pdf template)Bleed Size: 8.875″ x 5.6875″Cut Size: 8.375″ x 5.4375″Copy Size: 7.875″ x 5.1875″
Quarter Page (pdf template)Bleed Size: No bleeds allowed Cut Size: 3.9″ x 5.125″Copy Size: none needed Explanations:

Bleed is the area that extends past the actual page size.

Cut is the actual page size after the sheets are cut.

Copy area is the buffer zone for all text and important graphics to stay within to prevent cutting off.

All bleed area is 1/4″ beyond the cut area and all copy must be within 1/4″ of the cut area.

Preferred Spec Information

1. All files must be 212-300 DPI

2. CMYK Color Mode

3. Preferred file type: PDF, JPG (flattened)

4. Specify whether creative has bleed or not.

Publisher Policies

1. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertisement.

2. Excessive sexual or vulgar connotations will not be accepted. Adult Hosting Companies are not allowed.

3. The advertiser and the advertising agency assume liability for contents of ads.

4. No ad changes will be accepted after the materials closing date.

5. Advertiser is responsible for payment of advertising appearing in this publication. Once an advertisement is placed, it is non-refundable. No cancellations after space closing allowed.

6. All payments are to be made to Pingzine LLC and in U.S. funds.

7. The advertiser shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in their advertisements. The advertiser agrees to indemnify the Ping! Zine for any loss, costs, liability, and expenses that Ping! Zine may incur as a result of any claim, suit, or proceeding against Ping! Zine based upon their advertisement in any issue.

Directory Listing Information:
Valid Attachment Types: *.jpg
Max size per file: 1024 kb.
Max combined file size: 2048 kb.
Logo: 1.76″ x .35″ (300 dpi and CMYK)
Title: 20 characters (capitalized unless stressed otherwise)
URL: 30 characters
Phone: 16 characters
Email: 16 characters
Tag Line: 50 characters