AFCO Creates Aisle Containment System

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The datacenter solutions provider AFCO Systems has recently introduced new products in order to create an efficient Aisle Containment Solution for datacenters all over the world. With a variety of options and a flexible installation system, AFCO Systems has created a system in which servers can perform as cost-efficiently as possible. This new containment system can be used in legacy datacenters as well as new builds.

The containment systems can function in two ways depending on the preference of the datacenter: hot aisle or cold aisle. Cold aisle systems generally include end-of-row doors and UL-Listed roof panels that go directly above the server cabinets keeping the cold aisle completely self-contained. Although the roof panels are placed directly above the cabinets, their translucent material allows the lights within the datacenter to not have to be relocated. The drop-away panels also do not require the relocation of fire suppression systems. In the rare case that a fire does occur within the datacenter, the roof panels will shrink and drop to the floor if the event of a fire.

The second system, hot aisle containment includes similar components such as end-of-row doors and generally an aisle chimney configuration. The aisle chimney can integrate directly with the return air plenum or simply exhaust to the room.

Both solutions include aisle-containment doors that allow access to all cabinet rows while maintaining differing temperatures inside and outside the containment system. There are two options: sliding doors or swing doors. Sliding doors allow for an optional self-retracting system that ensures the doors remain closed at all times, maximizing energy efficiency.

Both containment systems allow for a more energy and cost efficient way of operating a datacenter. The sealed systems allow for better control of air temperatures increasing efficiencies.

About AFCO Systems

AFCO Systems is a leading manufacturer of racks, cabinets, enclosures, and air containment systems for the data center and telecommunications industry. Since the company’s founding in 1971, AFCO has been an industry pioneer with numerous patents and cutting edge designs that accommodate cabling, cooling, power, integration services, and on-site end-user usability challenges and requirements. The ability to deliver a wide range of standard products to address end-user specific requirements has led many companies in the Fortune 500 to choose AFCO as their strategic partner with their data center and telecom infrastructure needs. AFCO manufacturers its products in its lean manufacturing plant in Farmingdale, NY with additional manufacturing operations internationally to support its clients in EMEA and APAC markets.