Afrihost Increases License Domains With SpamExperts’

Afrihost Increases License Domains With SpamExperts'(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  Afrihost, one of the largest webhosting providers in South Africa, has selected SpamExperts’ incoming filtering service to increase its license from 30,000 to 150,000 domains in 2013. By consolidating onto SpamExperts’ Local Cloud, Afrihost has been able to significantly reduce time spent tweaking spam servers and the overall load on its in-house IT team.

Afrihost needed to modernize its IT environment to provide a secure spam free infrastructure that would be capable of meeting the company’s business growth strategy. Having used SpamExperts incoming services for 30,000 domains since 2010 already provided Afrihost with the confidence to expand the service to an impressing number of 150,000 domains and thus deliver professional email filtering added to their hosting package to a larger span of customers.

“At  Afrihost  we are focused on delivering world class hosting solutions to our customers”, said Artur da Silva, General Manager of Afrihost. “SpamExperts  allows us to improve our service offering and it was a normal step to increase our licenselicense along with our growth plans in South Africa, US and Australia. It adds greater simplicity and flexibility to our IT management, allowing us to reduce time spent on installation and maintenance, two key elements in the current competitive landscape.”

Local Cloud Incoming Filtering allows for the system to be laid on the client’s local hardware and thus create a private filtering wall in front of its hosting environment, offering the customer the ability to anticipate infrastructure needs and optimize resources. This solution also includes ready-made cPanel add-ons designed to automate and optimize the integration of the email security provisioning with the control panel, improving the efficiency of the webhosting infrastructure in general.

“Local Cloud Incoming Filtering services are key to helping our customers upgrade their existing infrastructure. The solution is fully scalable and clusterable allowing one central management control server, and adding more filtering clusters as the number of filtered domains increases.”, said Sam Renkema, CEO of SpamExperts. “As a result, clients such as Afrihost are able to run infrastructures that are simple, flexible, open and efficient. The Local Cloud helps hosting providers reduce the cost and complexity of rapidly deploying and managing applications.”

About  Afrihost

Afrihost is a South African hosting company that is focused on delighting their clients with ‘Pure Internet Joy’.  Afrihost was founded in August 2000 on the premise that it could deliver a web hosting service superior to that provided by the industry at that time. For thirteen years, Afrihost has focused on delivering world class hosting solutions and runs services in South Africa, the USA and Australia. For more visit