Ahosting.net Discusses Google Algorithm Move

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Ahosting.net, an industry-leading provider of cPanel hosting services and dedicated servers, has commented on the news that Google intends to introduce a new penalty to its search ranking algorithm that will affect the ranking of sites that are believed to be hosting content that infringes copyright.

Ahosting, while recognizing that content producers have the legal and moral right to combat unauthorized sharing of their content, believes that the proposed method of determining infringement is flawed and will lead to significant numbers of false positives, harming the business of innocent clients.

“Google absolutely have the right motivations here,” commented Ahosting’s Vice President of Customer Relations , Daniel Page, “Copyright infringement is harmful to content producers and online businesses generally, and imposing a penalty is entirely reasonable. However, no penalty at all is preferable to a penalty based on an extremely unreliable signal, which in turn is based on flawed legislation. While we understand that Google feel an obligation to tackle this problem, we do not think this is the right approach.”

Google intends to use “valid DMCA takedown notices” as a measure of a site’s level of infringement and penalize accordingly, according to The Wall Street Journal article this month. Unfortunately, DMCA takedown notices merely constitute an accusation of copyright infringement, not proof. There have been numerous cases in past months of rights holders mistakenly or fraudulently sending DMCA takedown notices to innocent sites. In a prominent recent example featured in Extreme Tech, the entirely legal ebook-lending site LendInk was closed down because of the spurious accusations of rights holders who sent takedown notices. Defending against these notices in court is often beyond the means of site owners.

Ahosting further affirmed that it is committed to pursuing the best outcomes for its clients, both content producers and content hosts.

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