AIT Offers New Kind of Hosting Promo

(Ping! Zine) – Advanced Internet Technologies (AIT, Inc.) announces its latest promotion aimed at accommodating web designers, system integrators, and other web hosting resellers by offering a hosting plan with no false promises or hidden fees.

“The web hosting industry has become enamored with the use of asterisks and other symbols to hide additional charges,” says Jennifer Rivers-Jackson, Sales Manager. “Most people don’t scroll to the bottom of the page to notice the price they thought they were offered was far different from the price at the end of the shopping process.”

The two promotional plans offered by AIT are targeted towards web designers and systems integrators that offer web hosting to their customers. The ‘Starter’ option provides the virtual hosts, disk space, and RAM necessary to start a reseller business. The ‘Pro’ plan caters to larger resellers who need unlimited virtual hosts and extensive disk space.

“We’re selling the Starter option for $39 a month and the Pro option for $59 a month. These prices will not change during the sales process,” says Rivers-Jackson.

Established web hosting resellers and companies looking to get into the web hosting reseller industry are encouraged to try the plan of their choice for free. Both server bundles are equipped with twenty-four hour support and a control panel custom built for resellers.

“As an addition to the promotion, anyone who calls us mentioning a bad experience with a hosting deal will receive the first month of service for free,” says Rivers-Jackson.

No long term commitment is necessary for either plan associated with the promotion. Customers are able to pay monthly or annually.