AIT Reviews Past Year, Looks Ahead

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Advanced Internet Technologies (AIT), a leader in both web hosting and domain registrations, announced today that will be offering an enhanced version of its Domain Management Tool (DMT) to all of its Domains customers and Domain Resellers. This also follows their announcement of a promotion offering Domain Registrations and Transfers of .Biz Domain Names for the low price of $2.99 (first year).

This represents one of many major changes for the company throughout the year of 2012. In Spring of 2012 the web hosting leader launched a new version of its website, allowing for easier navigation, updated text and video FAQs and several new features for current customers. The company also introduced the latest version of its Hosting Control Panel, SMT 6.0.

In the Summer of 2012, AIT offered new plans and custom hardware for its line of Dedicated Servers, as well as introducing a new version of its VPS Hosting offering. Over the year, AIT invested in major infrastructure upgrades of over $1M, including a new GE UPS system, and plans on around $2M of infrastructure investment in its North Carolina Data Center in 2013. The company also had 2 special promotions in 2012 for domain registration and transfers for as low as $2.99.

“The domain selection and management process is an important part of the marketing strategy for any company,” said David Green, Marketing Manager for AIT. “A domain name targeted to a specific market has the potential to drive more traffic to the site; maintain people’s interest, and increase the overall value of the brand. To protect their brands and their products companies often have to buy multiple domain names and extensions. The ability to easily manage this inventory of domains, and also purchase them affordable is crucial to the development of a business.”

Some of the features of the DMT include new bulk editing options for domains, such as the ability to lock or unlock multiple domains at once, improved DNS management, and the ability to set multiple domains to auto-renew status. The new version of the DMT also includes an improved interface to make domain management simple for all users.

AIT has plans to make even more improvements throughout 2013. The company intends to introduce a Private Cloud Hosting Solution, as well as Domain Name Auctions, and Windows Version of the SMT 6 Control Panel.

“We built this company on a customer service based philosophy. The improvements we have planned, including the product development of new products, and making existing products more accessible for mobile devices, are all part of giving our customers the features they need to be competitive in the marketplace in 2013,” said Michael Roberts, Chief Operating Officer for AIT.