Akamai Unveils ‘State of the Internet’ Stats

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Last Wednesday, cloud and content delivery provider Akamai unveiled its latest “State of the Internet Report” covering the third quarter of last year.

Among the things highlighted were several notable trends including IP growth with Akamai noting an 11% increase in new IPv4 addresses connecting with its Intelligent platform.

A 39% IP connection growth occurred for Brazil. Meanwhile, China experienced a 5.7% increase on a quarterly scale.

The company also analyzed attack traffic, noting that 180 unique areas experienced such problems. The good news, though? That represented a drop by 188 areas compared to Q2 – the previous quarter.

“China maintained its position as the single largest volume source of observed traffic at 33 percent. The United States, at number two, experienced a slight increase in originated attack traffic with 13 percent. Russia replaced Turkey in the number three spot by generating 4.7 percent,” commented Akamai via the report.

The network provider also observed its role in protecting against DDoS, noting 23 Gbps of attack traffic targeted Domain Name Systems. Other characteristics of DDoS pertained to HTTP request floods.

Also in the mix were connection speeds – which Akamai noted had decreased by 7% and clocked in at 2.8 Mbps. Akamai analyzed mobile connectivity as well, noting cellular connection speeds ranged between a high of 7.8 Mbps all the way down to 324 kbps, a low point.

The company’s Intelligent Platform is described as reaching globally yet specializes in delivering content on a local scale.