Akorri to Prevent Data Center Outages

(Ping! Zine) – Akorri announced today the latest version of the company’s award-winning BalancePoint software that introduces automated predictive analysis to help IT organizations prevent outages and bottlenecks in increasingly complex virtualized infrastructure. The first in a series of predictive capabilities, BalancePoint Predictor™ for Storage automatically detects issues that can quickly lead to application outages. In addition, the new BalancePoint software continues its cross-domain leadership adding new analytics and expanding heterogeneous infrastructure management via new features such as Disk Utilization, support for Microsoft Hyper-V, and expanded multi-vendor storage support.

“BalancePoint Predictor is the first solution that is able to predict storage issues in virtual environments before they happen,” said Bob Laliberte at ESG. “This unique capability provides actionable guidance to the operations team, before users experience any slow response times, enabling them to confidently assure service levels for virtualized Tier 1 applications.”
New features in BalancePoint include:

• BalancePoint Predictor for Storage– Automatically detects physical or virtualized I/O workload “bullies” and “victims” and alerts on disk contention issuesto prevent brownouts and downtime.

• Disk Utilization- Provides an intelligent early warning for stressed disks. This newmetric warns against dangerously increasing loads on a disk.

• Heterogeneous Hypervisor Support– New support for Microsoft Hyper-V in addition to support for VMware vSphere 4.1allows users to manage both vSphere and Hyper-V with a single BalancePoint system.

• Expanded Storage Support- Support for NetApp V-series, HP SVSP, HDS Dynamic Provisioning.

“As IT organizations mature their virtual infrastructures to support critical applications, tools that provide rich application workload analysis and data path visualization are required,” said Chris Wolf, research vice president at Gartner. “Organizations should not wait until the first mission critical application problem before arming themselves with the right performance and capacity tools. Instead, purpose-built tools that provide the required insight to solve application health problems in virtual infrastructure should be an assumed management requirement in all production deployments.”

“As organizations continue to virtualize and evolve to private cloud-based infrastructures, the complexity and the contention for pooled resources is significantly amplified, and the need for predictive performance and capacity management becomes critical,” said Jim Comstock, VP of Marketing at Akorri. “With this new version of BalancePoint, Akorri is the first to deliver this critical functionality and significantly improve how storage resources are managed in today’s dynamic data center.”