AkrutoSync Recommended as Solution to Sync Outlook with Windows Phone 8.1 in Europe’s Top Computer Magazine

AkrutoSync Recommended as Solution to Sync Outlook with Windows Phone 8.1 in Europe's Top Computer Magazine(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – AkrutoSync received praise from C’t magazine for its ability to cloudlessly sync Outlook with Windows Phone 8.1. Appearing in the August issue of the 30-year-old German computer technology magazine, AkrutoSync is the only synchronization program to get a mention in the Windows Phone 8.1 section.

In the article, C’t magazine writer Jörg Wirtgen discusses the disadvantage of synchronizing through cloud servers and then goes on to describe how AkrutoSync works. Wirtgen says that it works well for synchronizing Windows Phone 8.1 with Outlook on a home network-connected Windows PC. AkrutoSync synchronizes data over Wi-Fi or the Internet’s SSL-encrypted connection. No data is shared with Akruto or cloud services.

“We’re honored to be mentioned in C’t Magazine. We never could have achieved this without our loyal customers,” says George Tatar, founder and CEO of Akruto, Inc. “Akruto began with one user whose needs weren’t met by the available synchronization solutions. From there, we grew with the help of customer feedback and support.”

Users interested in an automatic and secure synchronization solution can try a full version of AkrutoSync for Windows PC free for seven days. Get the software at http://www.akruto.com/get-akruto-sync/.

To purchase a license, customers just pay a one-time fee of $29.95 to receive the registration information. Customers enter the information into the software and can continue using it without any additional download. A license allows users to install AkrutoSync on one Windows PC and use it with unlimited compatible tablets, handsets and smartphones.

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Based in Newton, Mass. and founded in 2010, Akruto, Inc. aims to provide customers with full control of their personal information. Its engineers have extensive experience in data management and share a strong commitment to protecting data privacy. Akruto provides a reliable two-way synchronization solution that does not use the cloud, keeping highly personal information away from storage and scrutiny by anyone other than yourself. The company offers support for Android and Windows Phone platforms with an iOS version planned. To learn more about the company and AkrutoSync, please visit http://www.akruto.com/. Please send press inquiries and review requests to media(at)akruto(dot)com.