Alauras Software Partners with Directories Resources

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Media software publisher, Alauras Software has announced full integration with Directories Resources’ Bookman publishing system this week. The integration places Alauras’ CRM+, including its complete sales force automation and the native iPad application, to work in concert with DR Bookman’s best-in-class publishing system which is currently used by over 50 print Yellow Page publishers.

With Alauras Software’s CRM+ fully integrated with DR Bookman publishing, both systems can work as needed to support sales and production across any product set, print or online. Automated and structured “push”/”pull” synchronization enables both systems and all users to access status on sales, account, customer service and production status from anywhere at any time. Darin Gurney, Directory Resources President, said “We are pleased to be working with Alauras to provide the widest array of opportunities for our customers.”

Global Directories has been using the Alauras CRM for over five years and has recently adopted the fully native iPad application which now allows sales reps to complete all tasks in the field even without an internet connection. The new GPS feature allows the CRM to identify the location of a sales rep at any time and record the contract execution location.

Mark McFee, Executive Vice President of Global Directory stated “We are very satisfied with the sales automation functions that the Alauras system provides. Working with Alauras since 2006, we have seen CRM+ become progressively and discernibly better every year. In selecting Bookman as our new publishing system, we anticipate a solid partnership between the two systems which will support our continued growth.”

Debbie Johnson of Texas based GoGuide said “The combination of Alauras and Bookman will give us the efficiency and flexibility we need to continue to produce quality publications and bring the latest digital products to our advertisers.”

Vladimir Miloserdov, President of Alauras Software stated “The Alauras & Bookman combination currently provides efficiencies and capabilities not offered anywhere else, giving our customers a significant competitive advantage. We offer the latest technology, the latest sales support systems, the latest devices, all to enable our clients to offer the latest products – at a price point any publisher should be able to afford.”

Founded in 1997, Directory Resources’ BookMan system has offered publishing systems designed specifically for supporting and making print directories for over 15 years. BookMan offers many innovative capabilities not found in other publishing systems and has been used to produce millions of directories for over 50 publishers across North America. No other system can match BookMan’s reputation for satisfied, successful customers or powerful software.

Alauras Software is a premier provider of CRM and Workflow Management systems to the media and advertising industry and is compatible across the framework of most existing media systems. Alauras Software solutions are in use internationally and leverage the latest technology to achieve the most efficient solution for its clients. Alauras solutions, software and custom development – offering a competitive advantage by career media professionals.

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