All Scrambled Up: RSA Unveils Password Storage Solution

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Imagine splitting up bits and pieces of passwords, mixing them together and then storing them in secure locations on your server. The idea would make grabbing the pass codes a nearly impossible task for would-be hackers.

Well on Tuesday, EMC security division RSA showcased a new solution that does just that.

Called RSA Distributed Credential Protection, the company emphasized that even in the case of a server breached, such randomized data would be deemed useless.

“Secrets can also be re-randomized at the push of a button so that any potential later intrusion into one of the credential servers would similarly yield useless information. As a result, attackers face the daunting task of having to compromise two separate servers or data centers nearly simultaneously, without detection, in order to gain valuable information,” commented the company in a press release.

RSA also cited a 2012 analysis conducted by Verizon, indicating that servers represented 64% of breaches – a startling statistic. Interestingly enough, RSA is also offering the ability for clients to split their passcode data through a number of domain names.