Amazon Aiming for More Affordable Tablet Strategy?

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) –Amazon’s rumored tablet computer could be less expensive than Apple’s iPad, this according to the New York Post. Amazon is set to reveal its own Android-based device within the next two months, according to the paper.

If the tablet market has proven one thing lately, it’s that cheaper works. Take for example the HP TouchPad. When HP announced it was ending its support for the webOS device, retailers quickly moved to empty their inventories of the TouchPad with drastic price drops.

Now you can get the tablet for around $99 dollars (If you can find one). Meanwhile, the reduced prices have led to increased sales.

So did the recent TouchPad sales provide insight on how to gain in the tablet market? Perhaps a less expensive tablet strategy makes sense. It’s also a factor that could place Amazon directly in line to compete with Apple’s popular iPad.

Meanwhile, other rumors have Apple aiming to release its iPad 3 sometime early next year.