Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Remains Most Gifted Christmas Item

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – has featured a new report detailing the popularity of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 through the holiday season. According to the report, the most gifted item for 2012 at Amazon remains this tablet. This new article also includes discount information and those retailers with no cost shipping offers through Christmas.

Part of the allure of this new tablet is the HD display in the 7-inch screen. While many smart phones can playback high definition videos, the smaller displays are one disadvantage for users that require something larger to watch films according to the new report. One reason reported that shoppers have turned to the Kindle 7 series is the lower price point for the amount of features that are included.

The Apple iPad mini is a 7-inch tablet that retails for $329 at Apple stores in the U.S. Some Christmas shoppers that search for a lower price have been attracted to the HD tablets created by Amazon that include lower price points. The basic 7-inch Kindle now sells for $199 and the Kindle 8.9 sells for $299 according to

Amazon expanded the concept of the tablet PC in 2007 with the creation of the first edition of the black and white display Kindle. While this device served e-book reading purposes, it was not ready for video playback and Internet browsing according to the report. The new changes that have been made have helped to contribute to the success of this tablet series.

The original review and price guide now published has been updated repeatedly through the holiday season. These changes have been made due to the price drops and additional incentives that have been offered by many retailers online. This report is expected to remain updated through the holiday season as more information is included for consumers.

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