Amazon To Open Second European Cloud Data Center In Germany

Amazon To Open Second European Cloud Data Center In Germany(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Amazon will begin offering its cloud services to users in Germany, resulting in its second location in Europe.

Amazon Web Services EMEA chief Steve Midgley stated that the reason Frankfurt was chosen as the location for the data center wads due to it being “one of the largest internet exchanges globally.”

“We know that data sovereignty is important to our customers in Germany,” added Midgley. “A number have told us that they’re running the workload that they’re allowed to run on us, by virtue of policy, but they’re not permitted to run other workloads. It tends to differ from company to company, but some examples might be customer data, personal data.”

According to the New York Times, the new center will also reach to customers in Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, serving users faster performance speeds.

Amazon Web Services is in 11 different regions worldwide, including China, France, Korea, and Australia.