Amazon Working on Smartphone with 3D Screen?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Is a smartphone with a 3D screen on the way from Amazon? That’s the case, if a report from the Wall Street Journal on Thursday is to be believed.

The company is also working on another un-described smartphone, among other products.

“One of the devices is a high-end smartphone featuring a screen that allows for 3-D images without glasses, these people said. Using retina-tracking technology, images on the smartphone would seem to float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles, they said. Users may be able to navigate through content using just their eyes, two of the people said,” noted the Wall Street Journal via its report.

Meanwhile, the products could arrive as just one part of Amazon’s overall strategy in the hardware market. Over the past couple years, the retail giant has worked to expand its tech line, adding the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD – both of which provide more media capabilities compared to standard e-readers.

Some of the new products could launch within coming months while others could be shelved, sources indicated.