Analyst: GTA 5 Won’t Hurt Xbox One & PS4

Analyst: GTA 5 Won’t Hurt Xbox One & PS4(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Grand Theft Auto V will launch September 17th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Notably left out of the picture, however, will be the two consoles’ successors.

GTA 5 is not expected to land on both the Xbox One and PS4. The game, meanwhile, will surely generate big sales. Early last month, financial service provider The Cowen Group said the title could sell as many as 18 million units in one year.

It’s been speculated that the game’s unavailability for the new gen consoles could hurt sales for both Sony and Microsoft. But that’s not the case, recently said EEDAR VP of Insights and Analysis Jesse Divnich via a report from VG247, telling the publication, “PlayStation 4 and Xbox One continue to stay at the top of the charts on Consumers are clearly excited for the next generation of consoles to launch. I don’t foresee one current generation game, no matter how large it is, impacting the start of the next generation of consoles.”

And while GTA 5 may not hurt the next gen, in the meantime, it could help current gen console devices. “A lot of gamers are going to stick by their Xbox 360s, Wii/Wii Us, and PS3s at least until the 2014 holiday season, when the game catalog will be a lot bigger and some of the online kinks will have been worked out. That also means that games like GTA V should have plenty of runway to sell well in the meantime, as long as they deliver the goods,” added International Data Corporation analyst Lewis Ward in VG247’s report.

Rockstar Games recently unveiled an official gameplay video for the latest release in the highly anticipated series. The developer said GTA 5 would “reimagine the open-world game in a number of ways.”