Android and Twitter Clash over the New Year

website-down(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Before the New Year can even get started, a bug found in Twitter coding caused the popular Android app to log out for over four hours. This bug prevented most users from being able to access Twitter and its feed from approximately 7pm until midnight ET. This bug in the line of code caused the service to think that the date was December 29, 2015.

With Twitter thinking that the last week of 2014 was really 2015, many feared that Twitter was subjected to the same hacking that included xBox Live, Playstation and Sony Pictures.

According to The Guardian, “while today may be in the dying days of 2014, according to international standards, this week is the first of 2015. When a piece of software asks which year it is, the developer has to specify what they actually mean: do they mean the year that we are in today, or the year that this week is in?”

This seems to be a growing trend for Twitter, as many tweets were still not showing up as early as last Saturday. Social Network sites such as Fackbook and Twitter will always be a target of many hacking groups, due to the effective nature of exposure from bringing such sites down.